Gloves In A Bottle Shielding Lotion

“The only thing strong enough to keep my hands from cracking whether there’s a pandemic or not”
–– Marlena Kelly, Respiratory Nurse
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As doctors, we highly recommend the use of shielding lotions as an added defense.

They help to reverse the damage of over-sanitizing, and keep your hands healthy. This product is designed to enhance your skin’s natural defense by creating an invisible shield, like a second skin.


Dr. Wayne Weber

Board Certified Obstetrician & Gynecologist

Gloves In A Bottle Original

All in one Shielding lotion for the hands, body & face

Dry & Cracked Skin
Eczema & Psoriasis
Dry Feet Diabetic Friendly
Sanitizers & Surgical Scrubs
Frequent Hand-washing
Home & Workplace Irritants

Gloves In A Bottle SPF15

All in one Shielding lotion with Sunscreen

Facial/Body Formula
Won’t Clog Pores
Durable Sun Protection that Shields the Skin
Pollutants Irritants & Cosmetics
93% Natural Botanicals
Lightweight & Fast Absorbing


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Frequent Hand Washing & Sanitizing?

LaShea W. – Certified Medical Assistant

“It helps my hands tremendously. I don’t get sticky, oily feeling afterwards. It shields so when I am constantly washing my hands I don’t need to reapply it.”

Prescription for Eczema or Gloves In A Bottle?

Carla – Mom of 3 young kids

“This past winter I started to get really bad eczema over my hands, because I have 3 young kids I was constantly washing my hands…”

Battling New Parent Eczema

Dakota – Proud New Father

“Had a serious case of first-time-parent eczema (from the constant hand washing and flow of dishes). This stuff knocked it out. Total game changer…”

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