Shielding Lotion™
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Unparalelled Relief
For dry, cracked & irritated skin

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Shielding Lotion™ better than a moisturizer?

Gloves In A Bottle® is a Shielding Lotion™ which bonds with the outer layer of skin, retaining natural moisture and oils. Dermatologists recommend it because natural moisture and oil loss is the leading cause of dry, irritated skin.

Conventional lotions only mask dry-skin symptoms with ingredients that artificially “moisturize”, but Gloves In A Bottle® prevents dryness from occurring in the first place. It bonds with the outer skin cells to create an invisible shield. This now-enhanced outer layer of skin is far more effective at keeping out irritants and toxins which strip out natural oils, lipids and moisture.

Conventional moisturizers only offer temporary relief and do little to resolve skin problems, but Gloves In A Bottle® retains natural moisture and oils to resolve dry, cracked & irritated skin from within – the only thing that is going to actually resolve a dry skin condition.

Unprotected Skin Protected Skin
Dry, cracked & irritated skin
Dry, cracked &
irritated skin
Eczema & psoriasis
Eczema &
Cracked feet, diabetic friendly
Cracked feet,
diabetic friendly
Gloves in a Bottle Tube
Hand Sanitizers, Surgical Scrubs
Hand Sanitizers,
Surgical Scrubs
Frequent Hand-washing
Home & Workplace Irritants
Home & Workplace

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Frequent Hand-washing
Dr. Rozalia Kovelman
Board Certified Dermatologist
“Gloves In A Bottle® is more than just a beauty product. Since it works with the body’s own defenses, it also addresses common dermatological health problems. My patients have reported very good experiences using the product. Some patients have had hyperkeratosis, psoriasis and eczema. We have seen it clear up the redness, soreness and cracking.”