What Makes It Different

Liquid Gloves Effect Creates Invisible Shield

Just like an invisible pair of gloves, the formula creates a bond with the outermost layer of skin-cells, to create a second-skin shield.

Non-Greasy Formula Instantly Absorbs

Formulated to allow you to go on with your day without sticking to everything you touch.

Locks in Natural Moisture

Unlike conventional lotions, Gloves In A Bottle locks in your skin’s own natural moisture.

Lasts Wash, After Wash

Water repellant, and doesn’t wash off, until it naturally exfoliates with your skin

Healed Psoriasis Symptoms in 30 days

“Around 15 years ago I developed dry scaly skin on my hands. I was reffered to a dermatologist who diagnosed it as psoriasis. I came across Gloves In A Bottle, read the revieews and ordered it!

Well I think the results speak for themselves, within a few days I was almost pain free, and it just kept getting better and better.”

Fiona C

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August 20
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August 27
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September 2
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September 19

Eczema Relief in 4 Days

“Eczema on my fingers went away. My skin is able to heal itself. It is absolutely non-greasy and absorbs in two seconds.”

Clair, 32 y. old mom of two boys

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Real Reviews from Customers

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“I go and work and put even more wear and tear on my hands. Lucky for me @glovesinabottleusa helps keep my hands moisturized despite the constant wear and tear on my hands.”
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“This lotion is a non-greasy, fast-absorbing, and lasts through multiple washews so even after a long shift, they won’t get dry or irritated! Unlike conventional lotions, Gloves In A Bottle acts as an invisible shield to keep out the irritants that typically strip away the natural moisture of our skin.”
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“I have found that wearing Gloves while doing the dishes helps tremendously and that if I don’t my skin flairs up really bad the next day.”
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“It is not greasy nor sticky, yet makes your hands feel so smooth. It also targets eczema & psoriasis, and can be used all over the body not just hands.”

Don’t Forget Your Skin Repare Trial Kit

Includes our travel-size bottle of Gloves In A Bottle, and 5 handbag sachets of NEW SkinMD Natural.

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