Are hand
Drying your skin?

Unparalelled Relief
For dry, cracked & irritated skin

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Are hand sanitizers drying your skin?

Hand sanitizers and surgical scrubs have high alcohol content. Repeated use leaves skin dry, irritated and damaged. Compromised skin is susceptible to further problems when irritating gloves are applied.

Conventional lotions only mask these symptoms with ingredients that “moisturize” artificially. Have you ever started using a moisturizer for dry skin – only to find that when usage stopped, your skin was drier than before? Regular moisturizing causes skin to produce less moisture of its own – the only thing that is ever going to resolve dry skin.

Gloves In A Bottle® bonds to the outer skin cells to create “invisible gloves”. Gloves In A Bottle® prevents sanitizers and soaps from causing dryness and irritation and retains natural oils and moisture to resolve dry, cracked & irritated skin from within.

  • Becomes part of the outer layer of skin itself
  • Does not wash off, comes off naturally with exfoliated skin cells
  • Skin still breathes and perspires naturally
  • Clinically tested; will not reduce efficacy of sanitizers and surgical scrubs
  • Used and prescribed by leading dermatologists
Unprotected Skin Protected Skin
Dry, cracked & irritated skin
Dry, cracked &
irritated skin
Eczema & psoriasis
Eczema &
Cracked feet, diabetic friendly
Cracked feet,
diabetic friendly
Gloves in a Bottle Tube
Hand Sanitizers, Surgical Scrubs
Hand Sanitizers,
Surgical Scrubs
Frequent Hand-washing
Home & Workplace Irritants
Home & Workplace

Rewiews: Skin Care Skin Care Experts

Frequent Hand-washing
Cathy Fischer, RN, MSN, CIC
Manager, Infection Prevention
A major US hospital
“Our staff absolutely love Gloves in A Bottle®! We had quite a few staff who were having such a difficult time with their skin and hand washing with soap and water or alcohol gel was just painful. It’s amazing how many of them have used your product and their hands have actually been able to heal while they continued to provide care.”