A blessing for a facepainter!

Teresa Black

I work as a facepainter and airbrush tattoo artist. When facepainting, I use sponges for laying down a base of paint. While loading the sponge, my fingertips get paint on them and even though I wipe down my fingers between each client, my fingers and fingernails often are stained and the paint stays under the cuticles. Having painty hands when I’m working looks like I am not clean, even though I have sanitized and wiped my hands thoroughly. Also, the repeated use of hand sanitizer when I’m at a gig makes my hands so dry! I heard about Gloves in a bottle from another painter, so decided to give it a try. I was surprised that it felt so thin on my skin, I was expecting a heavier cream. But it does the job! My hands are much easier to clean off after each customer I paint, and the hand sanitizer doesn’t bother me like it did without Gloves in a Bottle. Best part is, at the end of the day, I can go home for a thorough wash up and the paint comes off with just a quick nail brush scrub, so I don’t have painty nailbeds the next day!

Teacher/Dry Skin, Constant Hand Washing, Art Projects

June Almeida

Hair & Make up artist

Sabiha Sultana

It protects my skin

I like that Gloves In A Bottle protects my hands

Diane Zusman

I have been a pastel artist for years. The first thing that was suggested to me was to use Gloves in a Bottle prior to painting. Well I bought my first bottle immediately and have been using it since. Before starting any pastel session I apply a very small amount to my hands, under my nails and let it dry. The pastel chalk does not embed under my nails and rinses off easily and completely when I wash my hands. I also like that it protects my hands from drying out and I am certain provides a bit of protection from the chemicals that are in pastel. I love this stuff and a little goes a long way.

Frequent Hand washing

Ollie Girl

“Absolutely the best lotion ever! As a teacher, I wash my hands a great deal. Gloves In A Bottle really soothes and protects your skin!”

For Art teachers

C Mae

“For any art teachers out there, or anyone who handles clay and has the whole way over dried hands finger tips peeling thing going on, this product is for you! I was given a few free samples to try out, and once I used them up I knew I had to purchase a bottle!”

I am a teacher

Kelly M.

“My son and I both use this product for our hands. I even used it for “sandal feet” this summer. I have tried many products over the years….most without much success….but this really works! Our brilliant nurse practitioner recommended it to us, and I jumped on the purchase. Love it! My hands actually remain soft through many hand washings (I am a teacher) and I expect it will help immensely in the winter. Really helps to retain moisture and one may use it to hold in hand lotion as well.”

My fingers would crack & split open


“I am an avid cross-stitcher but had to give it up for long periods of time as I am allergic to most needles. It was very upsetting to have to stop stitching as I love to do it. My fingers that held the needle would crack and split open and even start bleeding.

I had no choice but to stop and wait for them to heal then begin again. Shortly after starting stitching my fingers would again crack and bleed. I was desperate but saw an ad for your product in a magazine and decided to try it.

It seemed like it would form a protective barrier between my skin and the needle and indeed it did. Each time before I begin stitching I rub Gloves In A Bottle onto the fingers I use to hold the needle and I can sew for hours with no damage to my fingers. I am so grateful to be able to sew again thanks to your wonderful product.”