lifesaver for “Lifesavers”

Frontline worker during COVID19. With constant handwashing at work and at home, this product is a lifesaver for your hands. Apply it several times a day though because of how many more times we are having to wash our hands now. Great product.

Palm eczema relief!

About a year and half ago, I started getting extremely dry skin on my palms. I went to the doctor, tried over the counter ointments, changed all of my soaps, and unfortunately it only got worse. It was to the point that almost my entire palm on both hands was covered in dry, flaky skin or blisters. You can imagine my misery. I went to a dermatologist finally and he prescribed another cream along with gloves in a bottle. I started using the lotion immediately and my palms cleared up in a matter of weeks! This is the only lotion that keeps my hands protected through daily activities and hand washing. Since COVID-19 I’ve been able to wash my hands more frequently without the fear of my eczema worsening again. Thank you Gloves in a Bottle! Natalie

Hand Protection at Amazon

I have been a faithful user of Gloves in a Bottle for many, many years. It has been such an asset to me because I wash my hands several time a day and used to suffer from dry, cracked hands which were painful to say the least. At the present (virus) time, I decided to order several bottles to share the wealth so to speak. Just the thought of a proven “barrier” on my skin reinforces my reliance on such a wonderful product. I have recommended GIAB to several people over the years. Buy it, you will never be disappointed. Thank you for this offer for leaving a review….you did not have to twist my arm to recommend this fabulous product.

A great product


I work in a Cable TV maintenance department. I am exposed to chemicals inside and outside on cable lines both buried and aerial. I work outside in all weather conditions. After using Gloves in a bottle my hands are so much cleaner and also are moisturized which solved my cracking skin condition in cold weather. Thank you for making a great product!

Barrier from harmful elements

Christa Douglas

“I bought this for my husband who suffers from dry crack fingers and after 3 days of continuous use he is definitely seeing an improvement. The cream goes on smoothly without any greasy residue and protects depending on how often you wash your hands. It does create a good barrier from harmful elements which in my husbands case is cardboard that zaps the moisture out of his hands leaving them to dry out and cause painful cracks. Bottom line is it works so don’t hesitate to buy because it isn’t a waste!”

Software Engineer/dry cuticles


“My husband is a software engineer and has really dry cuticles that peel and crack but hates anything that makes his fingers sticky or greasy because it makes his keyboard nasty. He has tried many different products but this is the first one he has nothing negative to say about. Now he just needs to remember to use it.”

allergies to drywall dust


“Great product! Hubby has serious allergies to drywall dust and is in construction industry – this prevents the allergic reactions better than regular gloves alone!”

I have suffered with sore cracked hands

Stuart Carmichael

“I am dropping you a e-mail just to say how fantastic your product really is. I have suffered with sore cracked hands causing me pain and embarrassment for years, I have been a Marine Engineer for the last seventeen and a half years starting my apprenticeship with the same company. Going back to then health and safety isn’t what it is today and disposable gloves were not used back then and it was seen tough to not use them.

I would say my problem started maybe 11 years ago and have got worse since I came off the shop floor and promoted to Marine Eng.Supervisor, I don’t know why. I became fed up with it about a month ago after trying every cream I could buy, using plasters like they had gone out of fashion. I decided to search the internet where I came by your product Gloves In A Bottle and decided to purchase it through an agent in England.

I have got to say my hands are fantastic, family and friends can’t believe the transformation. I had to e-mail you just to pass on my thanks for such a fantastic product and it has improved my life, in fact I have just ordered another bottle.”