Cracked skin & Psoriasis

After trying expensive medications for the cracked skin around by fingers from cleaning, Gloves in a Bottle eliminated my issue in 7 days. My split finger nails appear to be healing as well. I tried it on my scalp psoriasis. After 8 years of applying various oils, serums, lotions, scalp treatments, and mediations, my scalp is clear & healed. When applied to the scalp, it soaks in the skin so it doesn’t leave your hair oily or greasy. Application is not visible on the hair strands. I am totally amazed & thrilled that it has cleared up in 2 weeks. I now use it on my hands & face at bedtime. I am extremely happy & would highly recommend.

Cooking, Cleaning, Taking care of kids

Jennifer P.

Great non-greasy lotion!

Leona Squires

I am always skeptical of new hand creams.I find the majority are either too strongly scented or are very greasy.What a great surprise to find that Gloves in a Bottle was neither one!I love it!

Very good quality and different


As a guy who hates greasy residue from greasy products i would only point out that gloves in a bottle is the least greasy lotion that works. From my experience, example is back of hands, put on a generous amount, rub it in, wait 10 minutes, rub a bit more. After that you can wipe off any excess. It absorbs well but it much less greasy. I will order again. Bravo.

Eczema gloves


I had a bad eczema condition on my hands and was looking for a natural remedy. I was pretty desperate, hands red, cracking, peeling. Thinking of gloves to wear, I googled “eczema gloves” and found this truly amazing lotion. It is not a penetrating lotion, but a shielding lotion. It helped tremendously and it is the main lotion I use today. Keeping the moisture in must be what the skin on my hands wanted. It is more expensive than some lotions, but lasts a long time as it spreads well. A small amount covers both hands. I do? this stuff. It has made my life better.

Sinks into your just-scrubbed feet


“This thin lotion sinks into your just-scrubbed feet, and soothes and smoothes like nothing else. I’ve tried doing this with body butters, other lotions, and creams, but they just won’t work as well. With the other products, your skin gets soft right away, but the feeling fades after an hour, and then you’re left with dry flaky skin again.

Gloves In A Bottle gives you silky smooth skin that lasts throughout the day. Plus, this sinks in so fast and so thoroughly, while other lotions leave me skidding across our tile floors, picking up random debris along the way (ew).”

Knees, Elbows, Feet & Hands

Lacey B

“This is by far the best lotion out there. Especially if you live in a dry climate. I have very sensitive skin and this is the only lotion I can use to help with my skin.

I use this after the bath on my knees, elbows, feet and hands. This is great for you if you are going to be doing a lot of dishes, right after a tough afternoon of yard work, or even just for everyday at home or work use. I love this lotion because it is scent free, if you are going to school or work in a scent free environment this stuff is the best!”

Dry Heel problem


“My wife has had a dry heel problem for years and has used stones, razors, multiple creams (including Rx) and the MOMENT she put Gloves In A Bottle on, she said her dry skin problem was over.”

Scratches, acne spots, chapped lips


“Because my son can’t draw with markers and such because it absorbs into his skin and makes him react, this lotion was recommended to me. It provides an actual barrier for your skin against everything on the outside while still allowing your skin to function as it is supposed to. I received it less than a week ago and it has already proven itself to be amazing in my house.

I used it on my 2 y.o. when he got a deep scratch on his nose and it healed up immediately.

My teen daughter had some infected acne spots and she washed her face well and then applied it and the infection was gone by the end of the day. Normally the infected spots have trouble healing and stay for days.

I have had a problem for months with my bottom lip being chapped and not healing. I tried just leaving it alone and drinking lots of water (because balms and such can make your lips worse), but it wouldn’t heal. I applied the tiniest amount of Gloves In A Bottle for a couple days and my lips healed up. It isn’t that you are applying medicine to your skin. You are just protecting your skin so it can do the job it is supposed to of healing itself.”