Problem Skin/Letter Carrier

Karen Ensminger

“First let me assure you that contacting you about a product is totally unusual for me. I can’t remember being so amazed about a product.

I have been a Rural Letter Carrier for 21 years. You can’t imagine how bad all the carriers hands get. We sort thousands of pieces of mail daily. Every time we touch a piece of paper we blot the oil off of our hands.

Then we go out in the cold weather (or hot). You can’t wear gloves and still be able to handle each individual piece of mail. You just can’t do it. When it gets real cold, the boxes are mostly metal… well you can imagine. You try to sit on your hands between mailboxes to keep your fingers warm.

Believe me, I can not tell you how many products I have tried in 21 years. Even a product for Cow’s utters! My sister in law brought me a bottle of your product. She said “You really need to try this” I was not very interested because nothing has worked in 21 years and this is just one more. WOW! It works! It really, really works and it works fast. What is this?

My husband is a welder and outdoorsman. Hands like sandpaper and cracks in the finger corners. His hands are great now. He can’t believe it either. Anyway, why doesn’t everyone know about this product? I am going to take some to work. They won’t believe it.”