Amazing Product! A Must have for our world today!

Your product is so amazing. I have been using it for about ten years, As an artist who paints with her fingers at times, it has been a product that I USE EVERY DAY! I would see your samples at the checkout counter at Arizona Art Supply — and I did not take them. Then one day, after talking to the cashier, I thought — I will give it a try. And, voila, I was hooked. And, at that time, your product was unknown to so many artists and workshop takers, etc. Your company sent me a box of samples so that I could hand them out to my students, and they loved it. When I first started using your amazing Gloves In A Bottle lotion, it was typically just for artists! And, it was only available through art supply stores. I was so glad to see that it is now being promoted and is available everywhere (or so it seems). I use it every day when I paint — so yesterday I was thinking that I am going to start posting on social media about Gloves in a Bottle, because — THE WORLD NEEDS IT — We are all putting on so much hand sanitizer and washing our hands, and here is a great solution to the World. My thought was to shoot a video of me, blog about it and put it on Facebook and twitter and other social media outlets. I use a lot of paint, and I paint with my hands as well — they are constantly in the paint. I start with some Jojoba oil for my nails, and then I use your product which spreads up onto my arms. I want to help you promote your product to our World. It is an essential and much needed product to help people survive this Virus. It is time for the world to know and have access to your product. I want to be one of your ambassadors to help promote your product. I am in the midst of creating a new website, and I would also like to put a link to your product of my site. Diane Leonard

A great product


I work in a Cable TV maintenance department. I am exposed to chemicals inside and outside on cable lines both buried and aerial. I work outside in all weather conditions. After using Gloves in a bottle my hands are so much cleaner and also are moisturized which solved my cracking skin condition in cold weather. Thank you for making a great product!

Sheila Manring Samuels

I work with Lacquer Products therefore my hands stay very dry. I’ve been using this for a couple of day’s and my hands feel better already. Thanks 😊

Best moisturizer there is, bar none!

Linda Dotson

Absolutely the best moisturizer ever created! For years, my hands were exposed to solvent nearly every day. However, the Florida climate always helped keeping cracked/split hands at bay. Upon moving north, I finally encountered the misery that I’ve heard people describe, fingers splitting at the first sign of cold. After haphazardly using whatever moisturizer was laying around, I started to take it serious. I first tried the Working Hands product, and while decent enough, it always felt greasy and heavy, in addition to washing off easily.

After that, the 97¢ Gold Bond travel size seemed to stay on a little longer, but it’s also a greasy mess. Finally, I decided to stop being so cheap, and ordered Gloves in a Bottle… Just a lil dab, rub it in, and wave your hands to dry it. Non greasy, lasts all day, and one application moisturizes better than 5 applications of anything else. I like it so much I ordered 10 small bottles to pass out to people I know, simply to share what I feel is a great solution to a tough problem.

Even now, sometimes I’ll forget to use it, and my fingers won’t split for 3 or 4 days. Previously, if I didn’t use the other brands at least 10x per day, I’d have splitting at the first exposure to cold. You will not regret switching to Gloves in a Bottle, and it makes a great (and affordable) Christmas gift!

A blessing for a facepainter!

Teresa Black

I work as a facepainter and airbrush tattoo artist. When facepainting, I use sponges for laying down a base of paint. While loading the sponge, my fingertips get paint on them and even though I wipe down my fingers between each client, my fingers and fingernails often are stained and the paint stays under the cuticles. Having painty hands when I’m working looks like I am not clean, even though I have sanitized and wiped my hands thoroughly. Also, the repeated use of hand sanitizer when I’m at a gig makes my hands so dry! I heard about Gloves in a bottle from another painter, so decided to give it a try. I was surprised that it felt so thin on my skin, I was expecting a heavier cream. But it does the job! My hands are much easier to clean off after each customer I paint, and the hand sanitizer doesn’t bother me like it did without Gloves in a Bottle. Best part is, at the end of the day, I can go home for a thorough wash up and the paint comes off with just a quick nail brush scrub, so I don’t have painty nailbeds the next day!

Very good quality and different


As a guy who hates greasy residue from greasy products i would only point out that gloves in a bottle is the least greasy lotion that works. From my experience, example is back of hands, put on a generous amount, rub it in, wait 10 minutes, rub a bit more. After that you can wipe off any excess. It absorbs well but it much less greasy. I will order again. Bravo.

RN Supervisor, 16 hour weekend shifts

Susan J Bartmon

This product is remarkable. I had resorted to Crazy Gluing my cracked fingertips together. All of the advice for fixing cracked skin on the hands is to avoid washing them. Try doing that as a nurse! One application of this immediately removes every snag and dead bit of skin that sticks up and tears. Within three days my hands were almost healed. I have been through Working Hands, Eucerin, Phytoplex – you name it, I’ve tried it. I will never be without this product. I have a pump bottle for my nursing bag and will buy another for home use, as well as a small one for my purse.

Actually my husband loves it

S Joneson

My husband was having to do some engine work on his truck so he asked me to buy this for him. I thought he was crazy since I had never heard of anything like this before. Anyway, you put it on your hands like normal hand lotion and when you have to do something that is really going to get you hands grimy, this stuff allows you to wash your hands without and residual dirt from getting around you finger nails and other parts that tend to attract and retain dirt. I found I like it too when working out in the yard so I would have to say I would recommend to anyone who is going to be getting their hands dirty.

Infection Control RN

Christa S.

“Due to the high volume of hand washing RNs perform, we needed a product to protect our hands, yet would allow us to continue frequent hand sanitation. Gloves In A Bottle is getting rave reviews from our RNs! Gloves in a bottle is light, fast drying and provides the protection we need. Awesome product!”