Frequent Hand Washing & Sanitizing?

LaShea W. – Certified Medical Assistant

“It helps my hands tremendously. I don’t get sticky, oily feeling afterwards. It shields so when I am constantly washing my hands I don’t need to reapply it.”

Prescription for Eczema or Gloves In A Bottle?

Carla – Mom of 3 young kids

“This past winter I started to get really bad eczema over my hands, because I have 3 young kids I was constantly washing my hands…”

Battling New Parent Eczema

Dakota – Proud New Father

“Had a serious case of first-time-parent eczema (from the constant hand washing and flow of dishes). This stuff knocked it out. Total game changer…”

What frequent hand washing does to your skin

Kim – Certified Nurses Aid

“In this unscripted video Kim, certified nurse aid, tells us about frequent hand washing (60-100 times during a slow shift ) at work and why she uses Gloves In A Bottle.”

Help your kids to quite picking their nails. Find out why Janna used Gloves In A Bottle.


In this video, Janna shares the story of how her dermatologist recommended Gloves In A Bottle for her kids to quite picking their nails, putting them in their mouth & picking dry skin around the nails.

How to treat bleeding knuckles


In this unscripted video, Marissa tells up what housework, washing dishes and wearing gloves can do to your hands