What Is A
Shielding Lotion™?

Unparalleled Relief
For dry, cracked & irritated skin

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What Is A Shielding Lotion?

A Shielding Lotion™ is a lotion that bonds with the outer layer of skin cells, enhancing the skin’s ability to retain natural oils and moisture and assisting in the skin’s ability to protect against irritants, harsh soaps and other common household and cosmetic products that strip moisture out of the skin.

Conventional lotions are merely artificial moisturizers that temporarily mask dry skin symptoms.

Have you ever started using a moisturizer because you had a dry skin condition only to find that when you stopped your skin became even drier?

Only natural moisture and oils, below the outer layer of skin, can actually resolve a dry skin condition. These rapidly escape once the protective qualities of the outer layer of skin have been compromised.

Shielding Lotions™ are more natural skin care because they restore the protective qualities of the outer layer of skin, allowing it to heal from within by its own oils, lipids and moisture.

Unprotected Skin Protected Skin
Dry, cracked & irritated skin
Dry, cracked &
irritated skin
Eczema & psoriasis
Eczema &
Cracked feet, diabetic friendly
Cracked feet,
diabetic friendly
Gloves in a Bottle Tube
Hand Sanitizers, Surgical Scrubs
Hand Sanitizers,
Surgical Scrubs
Frequent Hand-washing
Home & Workplace Irritants
Home & Workplace

Rewiews: Skin Care Experts

Frequent Hand-washing
Dr. Peter Helton,
Board Certified Dermatologist
“What really works best for helping dry skin is your own natural oils. Gloves In A Bottle® helps take care of the skin in ways that medications can’t… It forms a natural invisible shield and your own natural oils are left there to do their job.”